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Adding gifted / specimen books in main Accession Register

Dear All ,

What is the problem if I add gifted/specimen books in main Accession Register?

In my view Accession Register is the register of all the books that are available in the Library.

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According to my opinion, never enter gifted/ specimen books in accession register.

Maintain new other gifted/ Specimen book register.

This is because, in accession regi. we generally enter those books are purchased.

I also agree with the opinion of Ms Amita

Separate ACC register may be made for them, coz later this gifted books create a lot of problems

many libraries has already stopped accepting gifted books and journals 

If we have maintained separate register? than what do you suggest, Can we Physically keep both books to gather or at different places?  for Eg We have maths Text books and Maths Specimen / Sample book than is it ok if we physically keep together? So that if a person come to issue books they can get it from same place.

What do you suggest ? Even if we have maintained different register shall we keep it physically together or better to keep separately ?

Thanks in advance

good morning mam. 

how to prepare specimen/ gifted books accession register sir ?


NO problem

Whatever books enter into the library should be entered in Acc Register. I thing this is right

I also agree with the opinion of Ms Amita

gifted books created lots of problems because it is not purchased 

whats problem create specimen book sir plz reply me. I want to know these answer

The general practice in libraries is to have a single register in which all types of document whether purchased or received as gift or on exchange or as deposit is entered.
But some libraries have the practice of using separate accession registers for gifts.

Dear friends 

In the past time only books are comes in the library and they entered in the Acc. register. but at this time so many type of documents comes in the library.

1. Books purchased by the Institution.

2. gifted books .

3. donated books.

4. CD/DVD/ etc.  

5. Photo copy of books. 

Acc register is use only for the Purchased books and other me-trial entered in the separate register. it's necessary because when at the end of financial year you can calculate easily and make statement. it's helpful at the audit time. 

Other me trial occupy the Acc no. in the acc register and create problem.



I think that gifted books or any other kind of material related to library stock should be entered in acc. register only . it might be identifying by some symbol or notes againts the entry of the same document

I want the feedback of my opinion from my colligues


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