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24 Hours Approval Policy of LIS Links

If your Forum / Job / Event / Group / Photo / Video is not approved within 24 hours of posting, then you are requested kindly to report it Here

LIS Links Administrators

Members Administrator: Badan Barman
Event Administrator: B. Asadullah
Forum Administrator: Manjunath K S
Blog Administrator: Munesh Kumar
Photo Administrator: Niharika Saikia
Video Administrator: Selvam M
Chat Administrator: Äshök ßhatt
Group Administrator Kankana Baishya

LIS Links Statistics

1. Date of Origin: 26th February, 2008.
2. Creator: Badan Barman.
3. Daily Pageviews: 9,583 (Average).
4. Members: 20,590.
5. Discussions Postings: 8,552.
6. Job Postings: 5,246.
7. Events Postings: 973.
8. Photos Postings: 1,358.
9. Videos Postings: 4.
10. Groups: 133.
11. Broadcast Message Subscribers19,205.
12. LIS Links Digest Subscribers: 8,559.
13. SMS Subscribers: 542.
14. Google Plus Followers: 90.
15. Facebook Likes: 7,591.
16. Twitter Followers: 571.
17. Alexa Rank: 10,015 in India.

Advertise with Us

7. Advertise with LIS Links : Your contribution will help the website run. You all know that managing a website costs in terms of Software, Web Hosting, Bandwidth, and DNS that cannot be avoided. It also involves costs to promote the branding and popularity, to incorporate some other interactive services and so on.
7.1 Advertisement: LIS Links opens up a great opportunity to market products, services to thie Librarians. Advertising your product / services over “LIS Links” will definitely gets the eyesight of maximum number of Indian Library and Information Science professionals. Advertisements are open for publishers / distributors / vendors of books (also e-book / databases) authors of books, and library related software, and furniture. You can submit the advertisement in the form of a Text, JPG (picture) file, GIF animation or other flash programs, and can really flex your creative muscles to get people’s attention. You may also insert a tracking code to monitor the performance of your ad and we welcome it. You will indeed be wondered to see the result.
7.2 Advertising Rules
a) Advertising on “LIS Links” will be for library related content only;
b) All material and their advertisements must demonstrate respect to the audience and be safe for work. No offensive material will be tolerated;
c) Parties interested in advertising will be put into a cue, the top one of whom will be displayed on the site;
d) We reserve the right to refuse advertising to anyone for any reason at any time;
e) Advertising must be approved of and paid for in advance.
f) Once payment for advertisement is made it will not be returned in any case.
7.3 Advertisement Types and their Rates: Following are the rate for advertisement and their location in the site.
Ads Location Ads Duration Ads Size Expected Users Rates in Indian (Rs)
Banner Ads: Header, Below the Navigation Buttons One Month (30 Days) Width 979 X 90 Pixel 10,000 Rs. 8,900.00 *
Banner Ads: Header, Below the Navigation Buttons One Month (30 Days) Width 728 X 90 Pixel 10,000 Rs. 6,600.00 *
Banner Ads: Header, Below the Navigation Buttons One Month (30 Days) Width 253 X 90 Pixel 10,000 Rs. 2,300.00 *
Banner Ads: Left Hand Sidebar, Below Sign In / Sign Up Buttons One Month (30 Days) Width 300 X 250 Pixel 10,000 Rs. 5,100.00 *
Banner Ads: Left Hand Sidebar, Below Sign In / Sign Up Buttons One Month (30 Days) Width 300 X 150 Pixel 10,000 Rs. 3,100.00 *
Bulk Email: Message to the Email inbox of the members One Time Text limit: 1,000 words 20,000 Rs. 5,100.00 *
Bulk SMS: SMS to the Mobile Numbers of the Members One Time 160 Character Long 20,000 Rs. 5,100.00 *
Facebook Promotion: Facebook Page of LIS Links One Time 50 words 7,000 Rs. 1,100.00 *
* In case of long term (more than three months) advertising package, for customization, negotiation and other issues kindly email us at mail at lislinks dot com.
7.4 Sponsorship Options: If you like to promote any Event (seminar / conference / workshop / refresher course) related to Library and Information Science (LIS) in India, you can earn 50% discount on the above quoted rates for advertisement.
7.5 Promotion Options: If the research team members / research scholars in Library and Information Science wants to distribute the online research questionnaire / survey through LIS Links, then he/she is eligiable for 80% discount on the above quoted rates for advertisement.
7.6 Donation: Kindly note that it is not compulsory to make a donation to the website for its membership. Donation option is open to the Library and Information Science professionals in India and abroad who want to contribute to the website. A minimum contribution of $13 USD or Rs. 600/- (six hundred only) will be accepted. All donors also will be provided with the option of having their name publicly associated with their donation amount. Further, if your donation amount is more than $ 26 USD (Rs. 1,100), your name and amount of donation will appear as “Default Text” in the “status updates” of all our members for one month. You can also maintain your privacy by not mentioning your name.
7.7 Paying Details:
i) Direct Deposit: Kindly deposit the amount through cash / cheque / core / internet banking / ATM Transfer / Mobile Banking in the account Name: LIS Links, Account No.: 59600 20100 02730, Bank: Union Bank of India, Branch: Basistha Road, IFSC Code: UBIN0559601, Branch Code: , MICR Code: 781026010.
ii) Money Order / Demand Draft / Cheque: Payable in favour of LIS Links Payable at Guwahati and then post it to Dr. Badan Barman, Assistant Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Gauhati University, Guwahati-781014, Assam (India).
iii) Credit / Debit Card: If you are staying abroad or a Non Resident Indian (NRI) and have a Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), you can also deposit the amount by using

After depositing the required amount, please email us at Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email about your contribution.

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